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Welcome onboard Freya, a 12 X 6,5 m catamaran, built in plywood, glasfiber and epoxy in the early 1990:ies in Holland. From Bergkvara harbour a lot of Öland-harbours are easiely reached over day, from Grönhögen in the south to Degerhamn east and Mörbylånga in the north. Lots of room for package and bicykle makes ferrylike traveling mainland-Öland possible in booth direktions. Takes normally 6 passengers plus 2 crew.

From Bergkvara we normally start about 0900 in the morning. On southwest winds the trip goes to Grönhögen, a small fishing-harbour southernmost on Öland. Very picturescue and exotic with cafés, restaurantes, even a golf site. From here with bicycle around the south tip of Öland, passing Eketorps ruine, trough the King´s forest with deers and all kinds of seebirds seen from high towers. By Långe Jan lighthouse is a nice restaurante with info on birds, also a souvenier shop. From here there is 8 km to Grönhögen where Freya is waiting for you. The complete bike-trip is some 20 km long. Home about 1900.

On other winds we go to other harbours, south or north of Bergkvara. As a sailor you have to discuss with the winds a little. Naturally we can also stay close to Bergkvara, for swimming in the arcepilago waters or watching the seals sunbathing on shallow stones. It is also possible with halfday trips or in the evening sunset trips.

Last but not least: By sailing and cycling you are going NO CO2!!

Welcome onboard for a sailing trip!

Price pro person:


One day trip/Öland forth and back: SEK 500 EUR 50

Öland one way, half day: SEK 300 EUR 30

Rent a bicykle on Öland: SEK 100 EUR 10

Week-end trip, own food SEK 1500 EUR 150

Short Bergkvara trip SEK 150 EUR 15

Longer time charter Negotiated

Normal schedule:

Departure Bergkvara about 0900

Bergkvara-Öland: about 2 hrs

Back 1700-1900



Booking: 070/2109789


By winds more then 10 m/s, = red figures on www.windguru = no sailing.


Welcome on board!

Ernie and crew.





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